All design firms are not created equal.

Our team of creative minds includes writers, designers, marketing specialists and media experts. We will create targeted communications, using a multitude of medias, such as print, radio, television or online advertising. These targeted communications will help you promote your business, attract attention to your products or services, build your brand and generate sales.


Don’t think that every design firm has these capabilities or can produce the same final product. They may say they can produce a great dessert, but a great dessert depends on the right talent and ingredients.


At Weaver Graphx, we will take the time to know your business, listen to your ideas, and then create a solution that will satisfy your market’s taste.

Creative Leadership

John Weaver Jr

President & Senior Art Director

John Weaver

Senior Art Director

Brad Weaver

VP, Secretary & Web/Digital Art Director

John Jr. designs and supervises various types of creative projects. With more than two decades in the Creative Communications and Design fields, his work has received numerous awards and accolades involving various projects and publications. John is skilled in all areas of creative design and production and attended Texas State University in San Marcos and The University of Houston majoring in Graphic Design and Marketing.

John has been a successful owner and/or partner of a leading Houston design firm for more than 40 years. He has received national recognition for creative solutions in design, advertising and corporate identity and has produced award-winning work for countless Fortune 500 and 100 Corporations representing virtually every field and industry. John attended Louisiana Tech majoring in Graphic Design.

Brad designs, produces and supervises all web and digital media projects. He has 17+ years experience in the web and multimedia design and production fields. He has received various awards and honors for his work. Brad attended Houston Baptist University majoring in Business and the Art Institute of Houston majoring in Web and Multimedia.

Our History

In 1976, John Weaver and Al Gluth formed a company called Gluth, Weaver Design, Inc. For 20 years Gluth, Weaver Design, Inc. lead the way in innovative and creative messaging for all forms of businesses. The firm received countless awards both locally and nationally including gold medals in the New York Art Directors Show. In 1996, John Weaver formed his own company, John Weaver Design, and continued his goal of helping businesses grow their companies.


Two years after John Weaver Design opened its doors, John Weaver Jr. and Brad Weaver joined the team. Growing up in the creative industry, both were able to quickly bring their creative talents to our fast growing company.


In 2006, our business had evolved, our capabilities had expanded, and the needs of our clients had increased. To meet the changing requirements of our clients, as well as better position ourselves for future growth, we changed our name to Pixel Creative Group. We had become more than just a design firm.


As Pixel Creative Group, we significantly increase our capabilities to broaden brand development and management, marketing, public relations and crisis management, as well as expand more into the creative digital landscape.


After over 20 years of working with some of the most talented people in the creative industry, in 2016, John Weaver Jr. and Brad Weaver partnered to form their own company Weaver Graphx, Inc. John Weaver Jr. as President and Creative Art Director, Brad Weaver as Vice President, Secretary, and Creative Web/Digital Director, as well as with the support of John Weaver Sr. as Senior Creative Director, Weaver Graphx continues the 40 years of success in the communication industry.


Today Weaver Graphx, Inc. has a creative team with diverse talents and multiple years of award winning design experience. We are unified in one mission... to strategically position companies for growth and recognition through effective brand development and management.

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